About This New Website

The following is intended to help newcomers navigate our new website.

This will be your first view of the Fairford and District U3A website after you have entered www.fairfordu3a.uk into your browser. Here you will see an introduction to Fairford and District U3A and on the right a Diary of upcoming dates.

Login Status (panel on the right) will show your status as Visitor, giving you access to most of the site. Registered Members of Fairford and District U3A will see additional options after logging in.

The key navigation component is the horizontal menu, just below the website image and above the blue horizontal line; this provides access to the many pages of information. In some cases there are sub-menu items to help you reach related pages quicker.

Let’s take a look at the menu options…

  • The HOME page provides an introduction to Fairford and District U3A

  • Under Local Histories there are 2 sub-options
    • Fairford Town History
    • Lechlade Town History

  • Under ABOUT there are 5 sub-options:
    • ABOUT U3A – An introduction to the U3A movement
    • ABOUT FAIRFORD and DISTRICT U3A – An introduction to Fairford and District U3A.
    • ABOUT THIS NEW WEBSITE – This page!
    • ABOUT INTEREST GROUPS – A list of our Interest Groups. A filter and search side menu enables you to narrow your choices
    • COMMITTEE – All U3A’s are run autonomously with their own committee. Here you can meet the Fairford and District team.


  • Under EVENTS you will find 3 categories:
    • GENERAL MEETINGS – Learn more about our monthly meetings and what’s coming up. Open to all and a good time to meet fellow members.
    • OUTINGS – Details of our coach outings (open to all members).
    • NOTICES – Details of National U3A Events (open to all members).

  • INTEREST GROUPS provides details of our groups. Here it is possible to see the monthly schedule, times and venues of our groups. A Filter and Search menu on the right helps you to restrict the display to groups that suit your interest area, availability and more.
  • Clicking on an Interest Group will take you to a detail page where you can find out more about the specific Interest  Group. If you have Logged In you will be able to see contact details for the Group Leader. On the right of most Interest Group pages you will see a diary specific to that Group. Hovering your mouse over the diary entry will display additional information in some cases.

  • CALENDAR shows all Group meetings and other Events. The initial view looks rather busy but there are many ways to simplify the calendar:
    • Select a specific Category (Groups, General Meetings, Outings, Notices) to reduce the number of entries.
    • Select one or more Interest Groups, under Tags, to those of interest.
    • Select an alternative view, such as Agenda, from the drop down menu in top right hand corner.
  • Hovering the mouse over a diary entry will display more details, where they exist. You can also click on the entry for a full page view.

Visitors (including Members who have not Logged In)

  • JOIN US – Provides instructions for non-members wishing to join Fairford and District U3A.

  • CONTACT US – Provides a form enabling you to contact committee members.


  • LOG IN – Provides  5 sub-menu options:
    • LOGIN

  • Provides a list of useful websites in and around Fairford.

Logged in Members

  • MEMBERS provides access to additional pages as follows
    • SPECIAL BULLETINS – fortnightly newsletter during the Coronavirus pandemic.
    • NEWSLETTERS – monthly Fairford and District Newsletter.
    • MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL – Beacon access to renew membership.
    • CONSTITUTION – displays the current Constitution.
    • COMMITTEE AREA – committee agendas, reports and minutes.
    • LOGOUT – Hopefully self-explanatory.

Updated 25th May 2021