2nd Wednesday
Member's Home by Rotation

The Group started in December 2007, and we meet once a month at the home of one of the members.

Chess is a competitive game, which requires a reasonable level of concentration, but we balance this with the objectives of not taking it too seriously, and enjoying ourselves.

We have a wide range of experience within the group and would welcome new members, be they Grand Master level or ‘never played before’ level; coaching can happily be provided for newcomers to the game.

Meetings start at 2.30pm and usually finish around 4.30pm, and tea/coffee and biscuits are provided by our host.

At the moment we are a very small group so at each meeting we arrange a date and venue, and sometimes also the time, for the next meeting. By accommodating group members availability in this way we ensure we get a reasonable turnout.

Do contact me if you have played before, or would like to learn; I would be happy to welcome you to a meeting.

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Updated 12th December 2019