1st Thursday
Group Leader's home

“If you can dredge “amo, amas, amat” from the depths of your memory or even if you can’t this group is for you if you want to discover or rediscover Latin! We welcome all standards – beginners included. Whether you have no Latin, a little or a lot you will fit right in.

At present we are working through and enjoying a book called “Learn Latin from the Romans” written by Eleanor Dickey (Professor of Latin at Reading university). Until usurped by English comparatively recently Latin was the international language of religion, commerce and diplomacy, and this book uses materials written in antiquity to teach Latin to a diverse range of people.

Tea/coffee and biscuits are provided.

For more information, please call me; I will be happy to tell you more and welcome you to a Group meeting if this introduction is of interest to you.

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Updated 11th December 2019